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You'll appreciate the importance of cash flow.  To deliver any project successfully, suppliers, contractors and workers must be paid - often while you're waiting to get paid by the client.

This cash flow gap could make or break your project - or stop you kicking if off in the first place.  

 However, funding could be available to help you bridge the gap.


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Capitalise understands that the construction industry is characterised by lengthy, labour-intensive projects often involving many subcontractors and suppliers. As a result, many construction businesses are prone to cash flow difficulties. We also understand how vital the construction industry is to the UK economy and the pressures associated with working in this field.

And we know that securing finance for construction projects can be fraught with difficulties. That's where we can help.

Did you know that 95% of lenders don't lend to the construction industry? Capitalise work directly with those who do.

We can match you with those lenders who understand exactly how your business works, to ensure you have the funding required to get your project started and ensure it stays on track.

what do we offer?

We are specialists in construction finance, offering a full range of lending options.

Whether you are expanding or upgrading your operation, purchasing new equipment, hiring new staff or just require some working capital to keep your business on the right track, Capitalise can help by matching your business with the most appropriate lender who can provide the best likelihood of your securing an offer.

Supported by institutional lenders, we can offer lending plans to suit any situation or funding requirement, including:

  • If you want to invest in new equipment, but don't have the funds, asset finance could be a cost effective way to fund purchases and spread the cost of equipment over its economic life.  We have lenders specialising in hire purchase, leasing and refinancing.

  • Invoice finance allows you to use your business invoices to get paid up to 95% of their outstanding amount up-front.  Payment can be quick with invoice finance - usually in under 24 hours, once approved for the loan.

  • Working capital finance is intended for everyday business costs such as salary payments.  Working capital loans are an easy and hassle-free way to secure funding and again, once approved for a working capital loan, funding can be received in just a few business days.

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Companies in the UK use invoice finance

  • Lenders that lend to construction

We work with lenders who specialise in construction

Capitalise lets you explore the market and choose which lender to use.  We like to make things as straightforward as possible, so you can concentrate on what's important - your business.  Here's the process:
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