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As a business owner, we know that time is tight. If you’re worried about not being able to meet an upcoming payment due to tight cashflow, you won’t want to be spending precious hours trailing business loan sites. 

With so many options, it can be daunting and difficult to know where to start, or even what type of loan will be the best fit for you.

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Say you land that big client you’ve been chasing. But, you don’t have the resources to hire enough staff to deliver the project because you're waiting for payment from your last customer. Are you confident you could deliver your best work?

Maybe it’s your business’s busy season, but you don’t have enough stock to fulfil the volume of orders coming in. Could you still make your numbers missing periods of demand like this? 

Perhaps you use a fleet of vehicles, or rely on machinery, but your older assets are costing you time and money through running inefficiently. Wouldn’t it be better in the long run to update the tools you rely on day in and day out, rather than just making it work?

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If any of this sounds familiar, it could be time to know what your business loan options are. Search over 100+ UK lenders in minutes to quickly match with affordable finance without affecting your credit score. Get a business loan to help your company grow, or be protected from cashflow risks:

  • Check your funding eligibility, without affecting your credit score
  • Match your profile from our panel of 100+ UK lenders, from high street banks to alternative lenders
  • Apply up to 4 lenders, in one application
  • Receive dedicated 1:1 support from a funding specialist 

How could you benefit from extra cash?

Finding the right type of business funding is essential, so that you can have peace of mind that you have the most suitable and affordable business loan. We work with over 100 traditional banks and alternative lenders to offer a range of products that all help a specific need. 

With Capitalise for Business, you can speak to one of our specialists to find out your options and what could be the best fit.

With extra funds, you could help your business to:

  • Take on more customers
  • Expand business premises
  • Upgrade old vehicles and machinery 
  • Fulfil larger orders without squeezing cashflow 
  • Acquire a new business
  • Refinance an unfavourable loan
  • Invest in quality equipment
  • Fund an upcoming VAT bill
  • Purchase more stock
  • Improve cashflow

How it works

Tell us about your business
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check icon Our specialists will narrow down which lenders and what product suits your needs
check icon A clear purpose for the business loan also helps to show the lender that you have a plan.
We match your business with a suitable lender
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check icon A funding specialist will talk you through which lenders will suit your business needs.
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Apply to up to 4 lenders with one application
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Pro tip: you can also check your business loan eligibility instantly with your Capitalise for Business account.

What do you need to get started?

To streamline the process, you only need one application to apply to multiple lenders. You can speed the process up even further by having a few documents ready if something looks like a good match for your business.

You’ll need to provide: 

  1. Basic details about what your business does and why you need the funds
  2. Most recent set of company filed accounts
  3. 6 months business bank statements 

You’ll also need:

  • At least one director living in the UK and a homeowner
  • Have been trading for at least 3 months


Types of business loans

Our lenders offer an extensive range of finance options - so you will find an option that works best for your business.

Asset finance

If you want to invest in new equipment, but don't have the funds, asset finance could be a cost effective way to fund purchases and spread the cost of equipment over its economic life. We have lenders specialising in hire purchase, leasing and refinancing.

Invoice finance

Invoice finance allows you to use your business invoices to get paid up to 95% of their outstanding amount upfront. Payment can be quick with invoice finance - usually in under 24 hours, once approved for the facility.

Merchant cash advance

A merchant cash advance also offers quick access to capital and is an established alternative to traditional bank loans. You use your credit card transactions to secure funding - and pay back a small percentage when your customers pay with a credit or debit card.

Trade finance

With trade finance, you use your purchase orders to get funding. Our lenders will fund your suppliers upfront based on confirmed orders and finished goods. Funding can be received in a few business days, once approved for the facility. 

Working capital

Working capital finance is intended for everyday business costs such as salary payments. Working capital loans are an easy and hassle-free way to secure funding and again, once approved for a working capital loan, funding can be received in just a few business days.

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Business finance frequently asked questions

Once you have your documents ready, you could receive funds in your bank account in just 48 hours for an unsecured business loan. 

For secured funding, such as Property Finance, this can take much longer as the process will involve valuations and solicitors. 

We can match business funding needs for most limited companies with at least one director based in the UK. Generally speaking, if your business has been profitably trading for 2 years with at least £100,000 in annual turnover, there are more options we can match you with. That said, we work with over 100 lenders via our platform, so are able to work on a case by case basis. If you are unsure, just speak to one of our team.

It’s best practice to speak to a specialist as early on as you can. This will mean you will have more time to explore the market and find the best loan for your business. If your business credit score is low, this will also mean you have the time spare to improve your credit score to access cheaper interest rates.

Your business credit score is a key indicator to a lender on whether you can make payments based on your history. A good credit score means you will have more options and access to the best interest rates. There are some lenders that could help with a bad credit score, but these tend to be more expensive. 

The best thing to do for your business could be to try and improve your business credit score, to save money on interest rates in the future.

For limited companies, approved funding will need to be deposited in a business bank account. A business bank account is not a requirement to get a business loan if you are a sole trader. Lenders will just need to see the documents for the personal bank account the business uses.

If you want to see if you could be eligible for a business loan, you can use our business funding calculator when you create your Capitalise for Business account. This will give you a personalised estimate of how much you could borrow.

The majority of lenders need some trading history (typically 1 year) to lend to a business. However some lenders will look at applications with as little as 3 months trading history. Decisions are generally made on a case by case basis. You can talk to one of our funding specialists to see your options.

For a start up business loan, the British Business Bank can also help.

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