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Capitalise for Accountants

Amplify credit scores and funding for your clients

  • Monitor your clients to detect risks, insights and opportunities
  • Increase your clients' company credit score and limit (96% success rate)
  • Improve their financial health for better supplier terms
  • Access to a marketplace of 100+ lenders for better options

100+ banks, alternatives & independents

Builds on cloud accountancy data

Industry standard cloud security

Credit insights Powered by Experian

Supercharge your client conversations in 2022

Get simple conversation starters and practical actions to get the ball rolling with our latest guide. 

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Our training team have a wealth of experience in accounting and finance. Accounting tech, banking, finance, we even have ex accountants in our training team. Your firm is in capable hands.

Account managers

Supporting with your questions and anything funding related are our helpful Partnerships managers. They are your point of contact and know how to get things done.


Funding specialists

No one knows how to get funded better than our Funding Specialists. With a wealth of knowledge of the changing lender requirements, they will do anything within their power to help with your application.

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