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Learn how our partners are growing their businesses and strengthening client relationships with Capital Advisory.

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How MAP gets their credit score reviewed and recovers from suspected fraud 

MAP, encounters a temporary setback with fraudulent activity. Learn how they tripled their credit limit and restored their reputation to external businesses. 

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How Nordens unlocked new opportunities with dedicated support from Capitalise 

Through the platform they have raised over £1.4M for clients during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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How SJPR secured a once-in-a-lifetime property opportunity

SJPR was able to secure a commercial bridging loan of £265,000 for 12 months, so their client could purchase a new office expansion. 

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Brown & Co

How Brown & Co raised £900,000+ for clients in 12 months

The firm has gained a great deal of confidence in CAS services during the pandemic, completing several funding searches with a 57% approval rate.

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Cath Kidston

How Cath Kidston smoothed their digital transformation 

As part of its transformation, Cath Kidston invested in upgrading its e-commerce platform and CRM capabilities.

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25% of Map's clients accessed new Capital Advisory services in a year

Since embedding Capital Advisory into its services, MAP has been able to solidify its position as an all-round finance partner for digital agencies.

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De Jong Phillips

How de Jong Phillips Built deeper client relationships 

Capital Advisory formed the backbone of the engaged advisory service for de Jong Phillips.

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