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Review your business credit profile

76% of small businesses say they’re not sure how to improve their credit score. We partner with Experian to offer our Credit Review Service to help you do just that. 

You could boost your score in as little as five working days.


Review credit score Our specialist team are ready to help you with any questions.

What is Credit Review Service? 

Better business credit scores help you get a "yes" more often and can open up opportunities for a cash boost when you need it. That’s why we work with one of the UK’s leading credit bureaus to take a deep dive into your credit profile, review your current score, check its accuracy and find areas to improve it. 


Do better business with an updated business credit score: 

  • Review your business credit score

  • Apply for funding with a reviewed business credit score

  • Win better customers and negotiate stronger terms 

  • Improve your business reputation

How does Credit Review work?

5 Simple Steps:

  • Signup for an account and upgrade to view your Credit Profile 
  • Upload documents which will be shared with Experian, one of the UKs leading credit bureaus 
  • Experian will review your profile and your business credit score alongside the new information 
  • You’ll hear back from us in as little as five working days to see if your business credit score been improved 
  • We'll give you follow-up support including tools and resources to maintain your new, healthy business credit score 

How a pizza restaurant got in control of their credit score


With an improved view of the pizza company’s recent trading and credit profile, in just five working days we significantly improved the pizza company’s credit score from 5/100 to 89/100. 

The company moved from the maximum risk category down to a low risk category. This immediately opened up the company’s options to a panel of funders.

With an improved credit score, the pizza company owners were able to secure the funding they needed and begin the process of their expansion plans opening new restaurants across the city.


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Great news! If you're a Pro user, you can access the Credit Review Service for 30% less at £375 (excl VAT). If you're not signed up for Pro, the service is available for standard users for £495 (excl VAT).  Check out Capitalise for Business Pro today.


Check your credit score range and if you have risks with your customers


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Full Experian credit profiles for up to 100 customers

£24/month (plus VAT)

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CRedit Review Service FAQs

Our relationship with Experian allows us to provide access to their Credit Review Service. A dedicated team of analysts will review credit profiles and determine whether the newly submitted information will change the business credit score


Business credit scores are key when accessing funding, requesting supplier credit, or making new relationships with partners. Position your company in the best possible way, with a strong business credit score.

When a review has been received by Experian’s analysts, it typically takes between 5 - 10 working days for a decision to be made.


96% of submitted applications result in a positive change to their business credit score. The amount of change is on a case-by-case basis and depends on the additional business information provided. If the new information indicates a stronger financial position this will all be taken into consideration as part of your score review.


A brief summary around the nature of the business and the company’s latest full accounts (incl. Profit & Loss). Additionally you can submit further documents such as management accounts, a business plan, or a debtor book. Our specialist team can support you with any questions throughout the process.