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A future of sustainable businesses, supported by experts

We're future positive

We believe in creating a diverse, sustainable future. So we come up with new ideas, and see existing ones in a new light. We work with the people who share our vision, taking action to make a difference. We challenge businesses to find new ways to guide their futures.

We believe in deliberate planning and action, rather than speed when it comes to building strong businesses and a healthy economy. To create a better future, we need to think long term. 

We're bringing people back to banking

Funding can be a force for good - an accelerator to where you want to be. We’ve created a new way to find financial products, with more than 100 lenders in one digital marketplace.

50,000 bank managers have left the market leaving a knowledge gap in their place. This is why Capitalise is here. We empower the accountant to take the place of the bank manager. We’re bringing people back to banking.

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how we view the world

Fast forward to the future

Capital can help secure jobs, build stronger foundations, try new ideas. We want to rethink how business is funded in this country. And that starts by acknowledging that capital can be a force for good. Let’s get it working properly.

Capital needs to be managed responsibly

50% of SMEs look to use funding to grow. Accountants can add value by offering guidance on whether the business is ready for this step and they can pre-qualify their client to make sure if funding makes sense. Then use Capitalise to access to more choices and help them make sense of offers. 

Powering up SME balance sheets

The current lending market is putting the health of SMEs is in jeopardy with short-term, unsuitable solutions that can add up to high rates, high fees, overdrafts and more.

With Capitalise and an accountant on their side, businesses can access smarter funding choices. Building stronger balance sheets for more sustainable futures.

Adviser-led funding

Leaving just 6 days to find funding, business owners are not getting the impartial advice they need to make the best decisions on this journey. It’s time for accountants to step in and provide support and guidance that will benefit both their clients and themselves. It starts with access to a broader (and more suitable) range of funding options. And it grows by assisting clients with their budgeting, cash-flow and business plans. 

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Co-founder & CEO

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Co-founder & Chief Product Officer

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Chief Revenue Officer

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Head of Marketing

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