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Whether you're an independent taxi driver or own a fleet of chauffeur driven limousines, the transportation industry must overcome the same scaleable financial challenges in order to grow customer numbers and revenue.

From the purchase of new vehicles, meters or GPS equipment to the expansion of your business premises and marketing campaigns, there are plenty of essential expenditures that can lead to a sudden dip in cash flow.

Sourcing finance to help your business overcome these cash flow gaps is now easier than ever before with Capitalise giving you access to more than 70 lenders in just a few short minutes. 


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Capitalise brings together industry-specific lenders who specialise in providing finance to transportation sector.

Our selected panel of more than 70 finance partners can help you find the funding needed to purchase a new taxi, pay driver wages, upgrade your equipment or look after your day to day running costs.

Once you've created your Capitalise profile, you'll be able to make simultaneous applications to multiple lenders who match up to the borrowing needs of your business with the click of a button.

Save time and money by adding your accountant or business partners onto your profile and they'll be able to speed up the process by uploading any additional documentation or information that you don't have immediately to hand.

what do we offer

Our huge selection of partners offer a diverse selection of finance options to suit all facets of the transportation industry.

Their experience lending directly to your sector can not only help you to source the funds you need, but also help you to select a product to drive your business forward.

  • Purchasing a new taxi or vehicle for your chauffeur business is costly at the best of times and is often ruled out as an option due to a lack of immediate capital. A range of asset finance options are available to help you overcome this hurdle, including hire purchase, contract hire and finance leasing.

  • If your business regularly invoices business clients for its transportation services then consider invoice discounting or invoice factoring as a viable solution to protecting your cash flow. Rather than having to wait for your customers to settle their outstanding invoices, you can advance up to 95% of the total amount in as little as 24 hours.

  • Do you find your business taking regular credit card payments from customers? You may be eligible for a merchant cash advance. Borrow funds and repay the outstanding balance each time a customer makes credit or debit card payment through your EPOS terminal.

  • Having enough money to take care of daily business expenses such as fuel, premises rental, vehicle maintenance and staff wages is essential for any taxi or chauffeur business. Working capital finance provides you with the funds to take care of these key business costs, structured over a term that won't hinder your cash flow.

how it works
Take a look at the explainer video below to understand more about how it all works: