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What Is Invoice Discounting?

Waiting months for invoices to be paid can be a real headache for start ups and SMEs.

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Why Use Invoice Discounting?

Get the funds you need without putting business or personal assets at risk.

Quick Access To Capital
It's essential that businesses can offer flexibility in their invoice repayment terms in order to help stand out amongst competitors. However, this can put unwanted pressure on cashflow, particularly for SMEs and fledgling businesses who are yet to accumulate adequate cash reserves.

With invoice discounting, you'll be able to advance capital from these raised invoices in as little as 24 hours, with many providers now offering same day withdrawals once each account has been approved.

Complete Confidentiality
By retaining full responsibility of your sales ledger and credit control facilities, your customers will never deal with your invoice discounting partner. You'll continue to chase unpaid invoices and credit check new clients in exactly the same way as you do now, keeping your entire accounting operation in-house.

Industry-Specific Expertise
Once your Capitalise profile has been created, we'll be able to match your business with invoice discounting companies who have a wealth of experience supporting businesses within your sector.

Who Is Invoice Discounting For?

How Does Invoice Discounting Work?