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Protect your cash flow and reduce risk to your business by knowing the financial stability of your competitors.

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Check credit scores of your competitors

Get alerts on your competitors credit-worthiness

Get a business credit score consultation with a specialist

Protect your cash flow

Understand the financial position of the businesses you deal with, before you start working with them. 

Reduce risk to your business with regular updates on your competitors's payment performance and credit position, in one place.

Make sure your business is protected. Add this crucial first step to your workflow so you can make informed decisions about who you work with. 

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Keep on top of competitor risks before they affect your cashflow


Check if you have risks with your customers for up to 20 customers



Company credit check with Experian credit profile for up to 100 customers

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Protect your cash flow and do more business

  • Know the credit score of the businesses you work with

  • Get alerts on changes to their creditworthiness

  • Monitor your competitor's payment performance

  • Get a business credit score consultation with a specialist

71% of businesses don't keep track of their credit score - start checking yours for free here

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