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What is Purchase Order Finance?

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What Is Purchase Order Finance?

Why Use Purchase Order Finance?

Unlock the true potential of your business without overstretching your working capital.

Access Better Rates From Suppliers

By using purchase order finance to secure stock from suppliers, you'll be treated like a cash buyer rather than having to open an additional line of supplier credit. This can help you to attract far better rates, increasing your profitability from each order.

Affordable, Transparent Repayment Terms

Your finance partner will work with you, your customer and your supplier to ensure that affordable repayments are made once the PO has been successfully delivered to your client and the invoice has been raised.

Industry Experience

We carefully assess the suitability of each lender on our panel in relation to the needs of your business and the industry in which it operates. We'll match you with lenders who have dealt with similar business before, giving them invaluable experience when it comes to dealing with your suppliers and providing the required finance.

Who Is purchase order Finance For?

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How Does Purchase Order Finance Work?

Unlike invoice factoring and discounting, purchase order finance is secured against the initial PO from your customers rather than their outstanding invoice. The level of finance provided by the lender is mainly centred around the size of the order as well as the creditworthiness of your customer.

This can be a major plus for growing businesses as the focus of the underwriting is based upon the customer's ability to pay for the completed PO rather than solely assessing your own business finances.

Once the order has been delivered and the invoice raised, you'll repay the amount that was initially borrowed, along with any applicable transaction fees and interest. Invoice finance can be used to help facilitate the quick payment of your purchase order finance agreement whilst you wait for your customer to settle their own outstanding balance.

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