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WHat is business overdraft


Businesses overdrafts offer an additional line of credit for use alongside your business bank account. They are one of the most popular ways for businesses to source additional lending and come with a range of advantages, including:

Quick and Easy Application

Apply for business overdrafts online through your Capitalise profile and receive carefully underwritten decisions in just a few business days.

Flexible Credit Limit

Request changes to your credit limit as your business needs evolve in order to get the maximum possible benefits to support business growth.

Simple to Use

Business overdrafts are a feature included with many business bank accounts and these funds can therefore be accessed using a traditional business debit card or through online purchases and transfers.

Online Management

Monitor your credit limit, view transactions, make transfers and more by accessing your overdraft facility through online business banking.

Who is a Business Overdraft For?

Affordable and accessible business finance.

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Banks use a number of factors such as your existing and projected revenues, as well as your creditworthiness as a business, when deciding both whether to accept your application and what your credit limit should be.

It acts as an extension to your existing balance and can be drawn upon in exactly the same way as your current banking capital. Your bank will monitor the funds coming in and out of the account over a period of time and may periodically alter your available overdraft balance to meet your affordability and spending requirements.

Capitalise can help you to find banking partners who can not only provide you with an easy to use, transparent overdraft facility, but can also provide advice based on their wealth of experience and knowledge dealing with other businesses similar to yours.

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