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Use short term business finance to boost your cash flow without the burden of long term repayments.

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What Is Short Term Business Finance?

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Short Term Business Finance

Why Use Short Term Business Finance?

Get the funds your business needs without lengthy repayment terms.

No Long Term Commitments

Unnecessarily spreading out loan repayments over a long period of time can have a negative impact on your future cash flow. Short term business loans are ideal for businesses in need of a quick capital boost coupled with the capacity to repay the balance in just a few, affordable repayments.

Multi Purpose Loan

From tax and utility bills to emergency repairs and asset upgrades, short term business finance can be invested almost anywhere within your company. These flexible, multi-use loans are designed to be easily accessible to SMEs with funds usually transferred just a few days after approval.

Industry Specialists

Providers of short term business finance bring a wealth of experience to the table, which is why we actively work with specialists who have a proven track record assisting businesses within each sector of British industry.

Who Is Short Term Business Finance For?

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How Does Short Term Business Finance Work?

Short term business finance can be used for almost any purpose and we work with our specialist lenders to ensure that the application and repayment process is as straightforward and transparent as possible.

It all starts by deciding how much you'd like to borrow and what monthly repayments are likely to be most affordable for your business. When you're setting up your Capitalise profile, we'll ask for some basic information about the type of business you operate and the purpose of the loan, helping to narrow down the wide selection of options that are available.

We'll match your business with lenders who have experience supporting similar businesses within your sector, and you'll even be able to make several applications to lenders simultaneously to expedite the process from start to finish.

Once accepted, you'll receive decision letters online detailing what steps need to be taken to finalise your brand new loan and could have funds transferred in as little as 24 hours from approval.

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