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Businesses that know how they’re tracking can make proactive changes to improve and get all the benefits of a better credit score. They’ve got the upper hand when negotiating with suppliers and on the front foot when it comes to attracting new customers. If they need funding to fuel big ambitions, they’ll access it more easily and secure it on favourable terms.

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Only 69% of business leaders are planning to improve their credit score this year

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Frequently asked questions

The exact steps you need to take to improve your credit score will be specific to your business and the factors that are having a negative impact. But here are some general guidelines you can use to get started:

Pay your bills and suppliers on time
If you have several funding facilities with a few different lenders, try to consolidate them into one manageable loan from a single lender
Check whether your business is filed under the correct Companies House SIC code
File your full accounts with Companies House, on time and in the same month every year
Make sure your business and its directors stay solvent, avoid County Court Judgements and resolve any that are currently outstanding

Read more about improving your credit score here.


It’s unlikely your business credit score will change from one hour to the next but checking regularly is all part of building healthy financial habits. Make logging in to your Capitalise account a weekly routine to ensure that you know exactly what your score is and what factors are impacting it.


How quickly you can improve your credit score depends on the factors that are having a negative impact on it. In general, your business credit score is built up over time based on your long-term track record. This means that any positive changes you make will have a gradual, rather than immediate effect. The important thing to keep in mind is that a good credit score is worth the wait. Making small changes today will have a big impact over time that set your business up for a successful future.


Some of the factors that lead to a lower credit score are unavoidable such as the length of time your business has been trading. Here are some of the controllable factors that have a negative impact on your business credit score:

  • Defaulting on a loan or other funding facility
  • Regularly paying your bills and suppliers late, or missing them completely
  • Having several funding facilities with a few different lenders
  • Filing your accounts late with Companies House
  • Insolvency or any legal notices against your business

No, checking your own business credit score won’t have a negative impact on it. In fact, unlike a personal credit score, your business credit score is available for anyone to view. This is called a ‘soft search’ and it won’t be added to your credit record.