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Monitor risk with company credit checks

✅ Detect potential credit risks to your business

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✅ Get data-driven suggestions for the supplier credit limit you could offer

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Know if there are risks present on up to 20 companies for free

Full risk visibility on your business customers

When you’re working with other businesses, you may not always know whether they’re going to pay you on-time. Leaving your business cashflow open to risks.

Do you know whether your customers have legal notices/CCJs registered to their business? Are they financially stable? Do they have a good credit score and history? 

Wouldn’t you want to know this before you start working together?

Protect your whole supply chain

Other people’s poor credit poses risks to how you do business. Offering credit to a business with a poor credit score, may impact the likelihood that you’ll get paid on time, impacting operations up and down your chain. 

If a company you work with has an unpaid CCJ, it’s likely that they owe money elsewhere. This could impact their  ability to meet the terms you agreed. Imagine knowing that before sending your first invoice. 

Improve your credit control workflows

Spot risks, potential delays or risks of insolvency within your supply chain and better protect your business:

  • Check the credit score of businesses, before you work with them
  • See any unresolved legal notices they have registered
  • Get notifications on changes to their credit profile
  • Make data-driven decisions about the credit terms you can offer

Why run company credit checks?

Understand the financial position of the businesses you deal with, before you start working with them. 

Reduce risk to your business with regular updates on your client's payment performance and credit position, in one place.

Make sure your business is protected. Add this crucial first step to your workflow so you can make informed decisions about who you work with. 

Protect your cash flow with credit checks

  • Know the credit score of the businesses you work with

  • Get alerts on changes to their creditworthiness

  • Monitor your client's payment performance

  • Get a business credit score consultation with a specialist

71% of businesses don't keep track of their credit score - start checking yours for free here

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Frequently asked questions

Checking a company’s credit score is easy with Capitalise for Business. Simply head to the "Check a company" tab of your account, tell us which company you want to check and we’ll add that company to your list. Click on the company to view their profile or download their credit profile as a PDF. Company checks like this are anonymous.

If you have a free Capitalise for Business plan, you can check if there are credit risks present without paying a penny. By upgrading to a Pro plan, you’ll unlock the full Experian credit profiles of up to 10 customers –as well as a wide range of extra features and benefits – for a monthly subscription of just £24/month (excl VAT). For larger firms, you can acess up to 100 customer credit checks for £59/month with our Enterprise plan.

You can find information about the financial health of the companies you work with to understand whether it’s a risk to work with them. For example, if there’s a chance that they won’t be able to settle invoices. The financial health factors you’ll have access to include:

  • Your customer’s credit score and how it compares to similar businesses
  • The maximum credit limit they’re eligible for
  • Whether there are any legal notices against the business
  • Their payment performance, for example if it’s consistent
  • Any risks you should know about such as a recent drop in credit score

With Capitalise for Business Pro, you can check your exact business credit score any time you like just by logging into your account (as part of your detailed credit profile). You’ll also get a notification any time your credit score changes. If you have a free Capitalise for Business account, you’ll always know what range your credit score is in. We’ll also tell you whether lenders consider your score low, average or high risk and how that compares to other businesses in your industry.

When you check and monitor a company through Capitalise for Business, you’ll see:

  • Their credit score and how it compares to similar businesses
  • The maximum credit limit they’re eligible for
  • Whether there are any legal notices against the business
  • Their payment performance, for example if it’s consistent
  • Any risks you should know about such as a recent drop in credit score

It’s useful to know the credit scores of companies you work with because it tells you a lot about their financial health. If a customer has a high credit score, for example, their finances are in good shape. You’ll know how much credit you can comfortably offer them and feel more confident in their ability to settle invoices.

No, you don’t need permission to credit check a company. We partner with Experian to access credit data on your behalf. Credit checks through Capitalise for Business are anonymous and leave no trace. This means that their rating won’t be affected and your business won’t be linked to the credit check.