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Biomedical Catalyst 2022

Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation will invest up to £15 million in projects to support UK registered businesses to develop innovative health or healthcare-focussed products, technologies and processes.. 
Grants available: £150k to £4 million
                            Deadline for submission: 25th May 2022                              

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NIHR i4i Develop and evaluate predictive AI algorithms

This call is for applications seeking to develop, refine, and evaluate predictive algorithms using artificial intelligence (AI) for health and social care. All health areas and types of technology are eligible under this call. 
                           Grants available: No maximum set, subject to value for money
                            Deadline for submission: 10th May 2022

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Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF)

The Industrial Energy Transformation Fund (IETF) supports industrial sites with high energy use to transition to a low carbon future. 
Grant available: £30,000 to £3m
                           Deadline for submission: 29th April 2022                             

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Devon Elevation Fund

This grants scheme is designed to assist sole traders, micro, small and medium-sized businesses (up to 250 employees) or organisations across Devon. 
Grant available: £2500 to £25,000
                           Deadline for submission: 30th April 2022

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Open Call for Innovation

DASA’s Open Competition- Cycle 5 is looking for innovative ideas to improve the defence and/or security of the UK. 
Grant available: £100,000 - £350,000
Deadline for submission: 5th May 2022

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UK-South Korea Collaborative R&D

The aim of this competition is to fund collaborative research and development (CR&D) projects focused on industrial research.
 Grant available: Up to £350,000
  Deadline for submission: 6th July 2022

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Longer Duration Energy Storage: Demonstrating Innovation

 Projects under the SBRI Healthcare programme, delivering a NetZero NHS competition, should aim to develop technology-enabled solutions.
                            Grant available: £250,000 to £1.6 million
                            Deadline for submission: 11th August 2022

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The Low Carbon Hydrogen Supply 2 Competition

Projects under the SBRI Healthcare programme, Delivering a NetZero NHS competition, should aim  to develop technology-enabled solutions. 

                            Grant available: £250,000 to £1.6 million
                            Deadline for submission: 15th September 2022                       

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SBRI Healthy Ageing Social Ventures Industrial Research

Developments are 100% funded and focused on specific identified needs, increasing the chance of exploitation.
                           Grant available: £250,000 to £1.6 million
                            Deadline for submission: 15th September 2022

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NHS Future Hospitals Initiative

This Open Call for Proposals seeks innovative solutions exploiting space technologies for the benefit of the NHS ecosystem.

 Grant available: 50% to 80% of projected costs

                            Deadline for submission: 21st September 2022                              

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Fisheries and Seafood Scheme

Providing financial assistance for projects that support sustainable growth in the catching, processing and aquaculture sectors, and enhance the marine environment. 
Grant available: Up to 80% of projected costs 
                            Deadline for submission: 31st December 2022

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ESA Business Applications’ Call for Proposals

The goal of this activity is for the business to develop a new commercial service that utilises one or more space asset. 
Grant available: Up to 80% of projected costs 
                            Deadline for submission: 31st December 2025              


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