Boost your clients business credit profile

Elevate your clients’ business with a good credit score. Our platform ensures clients are in the best position when it matters most - when lenders and suppliers are evaluating their business. Proactively monitor and improve credit scores, to create healthier businesses.

Don’t let credit scores hold your clients back. Partner with Capitalise and drive their success to new heights. 


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Help your clients do better business with an updated business credit score:

  • Clients get their business credit score reviewed

  • Can apply for funding with more favourable terms

  • Business can win better customers and negotiate stronger terms 

  • Improve their business reputation


What is credit review:


Better business credit scores helps your client say ‘yes’ more often and can give them a cash boost when they need it. That’s why we work with one of the UK’s leading credit bureaus to help you take a deep dive into your clients credit profile, review their current score, check its accuracy and find areas to potentially improve it. 

How does Credit Review work?

5 Simple Steps:

  • We review your clients business profile
  • We’ll connect them with the right people at Experian, one of the UKs leading credit bureaus 
  • They’ll review their full set of accounts and credit  profile and check its accuracy 
  • You and your client will hear back from us in as little as five working days to see if their credit score has been improved 
  • We’ll give you follow-up support including tools and resources to maintain your clients new, healthy credit score

MAP enhances growth ambitions with credit review service


Missed direct debit payments due to fraudulent activity had a huge negative impact on MAP's credit score and reputation, knocking it down from 100 to 51!

Reputation, whether from customers, utility companies, suppliers or financial services is hard won for a small business and yet it can be undermined with just a single event. Fortunately, as a partner of Capitalise they were able to use the Credit Review Service to review their credit score and keep their reputation at a maximum.

By working closely with the team at Capitalise and Experian, the high growth firm successfully regained control of their credit score. The diligent efforts of both teams paid off, as the accounting firm saw their credit score improve back to 100, with a 33% credit limit rise. 

MAP Accountancy stands stronger than ever, with a restored reputation and a solid foundation for future growth.

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CRedit Review Service FAQs

Our relationship with Experian allows us to provide additional information to the credit bureau through the Credit Review Service. A dedicated team of analysts will review the business' credit profile and determine whether the newly submitted information will change the business' credit score.

A business credit score is a key piece of data used by several stakeholders to decide if they want to lend money to, work with, or trade with a company.

It can: 

1) Increase their trade credit limit, giving a business access to 0% working capital.

2) Help get better funding rates and choices 

3) Improve supplier terms 

4) Enhance business reputation.

When a review has been received by Experian’s analysts, it typically takes between 5 - 10 working days for a decision to be made.

No. This information is supplied under a confidentiality agreement. It will never be available to any Experian user. 

A range of information can be provided such as:

Full financial statements
Latest management accounts
Aged debtors’ listings
Explanations of history or events affecting the financial results
Order books
Financial projections

The Capitalise team will support you and your client to decide what is required.

Yes, you can offer this service to your audit clients.  It is not a breach of the Ethical Standards to refer other suppliers to your audit clients.

There is no commission paid on the introduction to Capitalise as the product is provided at cost, as a value-add service to our subscribers. The usual price to access this service in the market can vary from £1,000 - £25,000 depending on the complexity.

Yes. If they have a Capitalise for Business subscription they can request the process and submit documents through the platform. 

Accountants can start a Credit Review case on the platform after signing up to Capitalise on a Partner plan.

Your client can also request the Credit Review Service from their Capitalise for Business platform.