Before your clients write off debt, recover it.

Help clients recover debt with a no-risk solution. You refer and we'll handle the complexity, legals and workflow. 

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HOW recovery WORKS

Refer a case
A simple referral kicks the process in motion. Capitalise and a community of experts will engage directly with your client until the case has been resolved.
check icon Simple referral - fill out a form with case and client details and you're done.
check icon The case will be evaluated and only accepted if deemed to have at least 60% chance of recovery
check icon Once accepted, we will work directly with your client to progress the case
Three-step process
Cases will be taken through a tried and tested three-step process with early settlement as a priority but with a High Court resolution, if necessary.
check icon The first stage involves acquiring all the signed agreements and documentation.
check icon The second stage we look for a solution without polarising the parties and incurring significant, unnecessary cost.
check icon The third stage includes traditional legal processes. The goal remains to expedite settlement.
No-win-no-fee resolution
No financial risk. There are no fees unless we reach a successful settlement. 
check icon If there is a successful resolution, the fee is fixed at 30% of the damages recovered.
check icon If there is a no recovery, there will be no fees or costs for your client.


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No financial risk for your client

All costs associated with the recovery (court
fees, expert fees and counsel fees) are covered and adverse cost protection is also provided. If there is no recovery, your client does not pay anything and is not liable for any costs from the other side.

Shortens duration of cases

This process reduces the duration of each case by 50% against the traditional approach. The main priority is a quick resolution but, if needed, the case can be taken all the way to the High Court - at no cost to your client. 

Access recovery specialists

Our key partnership with SRA-regulated Escalate means direct access to a dedicated team of top professionals - including corporate recovery specialists, litigation lawyers and sectors specialists.

Simplified referral process

While debt recovery can be a complicated process with several stakeholders, Recovery creates a centralised service. One referral grants access to a complete offering providing clients with an alternative to writing off debt.