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Consider this: You spend 20 minutes providing value built from lifelong experience, which saves a company £20,000. Is that advice only worth one-third of your accounting firm's hourly billing rate? Even the client would likely acknowledge that it's worth much more.

Our partners have focused on onboarding, formalising pricing packages, and implementing processes to recover billable time to increase MRR.

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Increase your monthly reccurring revenue 

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Beach Accountants creates new revenue stream with Capitalise

"Helped us get an additional income"

Gavin, Managing Director, Beach Accountants

Crowe broadens its offerings by providing extra client support with credit information

"We have much happier clients"

Rachel, Manager outsourcing and Accounts

How Tennick Accountants introduced credit scores to extract more from clients whilst adding services

"A number of clients have signed up to getting their credit score profiles to help them grow"

Graeme Tennick, Chief Impact Officer, Accountant & Public Speaker

PJCO attracts new clients when partnering with Capitalise 

"Providing tax and accounts is not enough to attract new clients" 

Peter Jarman, Managing Partner, PJCO

Advantages of Implementing an MRR Model: Insights from James Ashford, Co-Founder of GoProposal

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