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Together, we'll get through this

An update from our fintech community as to their latest news, webinars and useful articles.

Adriana Amato Mar 26, 2020

Now, more than ever, we all need to stick together. With news and government protocals changing daily, our friends are working just as hard as us to make sure you and your clients get the most updated information. 

With virtual events, webinars and updates to crucial information happening daily, here's how you can stay in the loop:


Latest Support Available During Covid-19 - an article from Alan Woods and the main measures announced by the Government 



Advising your clients through Covid-19 - Daily webinar @ 12.30pm


Support for businesses and their cash flow during Covid-19 hub - Useful information with cash flow assistance.



Float is offering an extended free trial of its cash flow forecasting software until May


COVID-19 care call support for clientsEfficiently and effectively help your clients in these difficult times via the phone. 


Practical steps and Government reliefs for the education sector - Insight for those in the education sector. 


What can you do today to get clients that need help?- Useful video by Amanda C. Watts 


How accountants can be an emotionally strong leaders in a time of change- Insight, advice and support


Sage have put together a UK government funding support tool to help you understand which scheme your business is likely to be eligible for


Quickbooks have set up a support hub for you and your business during COVID-19


Together, we can ride out the storm. If you have any other useful information you feel needs to be shared surrounding the Covid-19 crisis then please reach out to us


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