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Briefings for times of uncertainty 

Live sessions for accountants and businesses to dive deeper into the changing market of business support in times of COVID-19

Adriana Amato Apr 12, 2020

Join our live sessions as we shed some light on the current situation. 


Since the demand shock of the Coronavirus outbreak is working its way through the economy we can expect small business revenues to fall. Since costs often can’t be adjusted as quickly then the immediate impact is for profits to turn negative and cash supply to be used up. 

This results in a potential cash crunch. What solutions are available to businesses to protect themselves?

We look at the wider landscape of setting up facilities to handle any cash need. Suitable products must be Fast, Flexible and Financially prudent.

Live sessions to find out more

We’re hosting a number of live sessions for accountants:




Lender update: CBILS, BBLS & alternatives


Thursday 28th May
16:00 pm

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