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Cash flow is essential for the smooth running of any law firm, particularly with staff often needing to be paid long before each invoice is settled by the clients you're representing.

The daily costs of maintaining a legal practice can soon mount up and a cash flow gap could see you struggling to cover basic costs such as premises rental, utility bills, IT infrastructure and telephony systems, let alone unexpected VAT and HMRC bills.

Fortunately, funding is available from lenders who deal specifically with law firms to give you a helping hand as and when you need it.


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At Capitalise, we go to great lengths to ensure that our funding partners meet the high standards expected from law firms across the UK.

Finding finance from an industry-specific lender can be a time consuming and often fruitless task, however our intuitive loan matching platform can help to pair your business with a lender who understands the legal sector.

Keep your business on track by setting up your Capitalise profile today and discover professional lenders who can provide you with the funds you need in as little as 24 hours.

what do we offer

Whether you need quick access to cash to cover unpaid invoices or are simply looking to inject some capital into your business to aid growth, Capitalise can help by matching your business with an experienced lender within the legal sector. 

Working with trusted mainstream and independent lenders, we can help to source finance to support your business in a variety of ways:

  • Every law firm needs sufficient IT and telephony infrastructure to help track the multitude of cases that come through its doors each day, however the funding isn't always immediately available to make this a reality. Secure borrowing against new business purchases by using asset finance and access the equipment you need without the burden of hefty upfront costs.

  • If you're struggling to deal with regular cash flow gaps caused by late or unpaid invoices then invoice discounting or invoice factoring could provide you with the perfect solution. Rather than waiting for your clients to settle their outstanding payments, your lender could advance you up to 95% of these balances in as little as 24 hours from approval.

  • Working capital finance can help support the daily running costs of your legal practice by providing a flexible loan which can be used for any business purpose. From utilities and rent to staff wages and tax bills, borrowing working capital has become one of the most popular funding options for law firms across the UK.

how it works
Working with trusted mainstream and independent lenders, we can help to source finance to support your business in a variety of ways: