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Whether you're looking to bring on new staff, expand your editing suite or upgrade your digital equipment, investing in your agency is essential when it comes to growing your client base.

The reality is that many agencies don't always have the necessary capital to cover these key costs which can hold your business back from accessing the wealth of opportunities currently available in the digital marketplace.

At Capitalise, we can help to match your business with these specialist lenders in a matter of minutes, giving you the confidence to borrow the funds you need from an experienced digital agency lending partner.


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Finding a finance partner with experience lending to the digital sector can be a challenging but highly rewarding task. With more than 200 lenders currently active in the UK market, it's almost impossible to assess the merits of each product without wasting hours of your valuable time.

Capitalise can help to match your digital agency with a range of suitable lending partners who can help you to achieve your business goals.

It takes less than 3 minutes to complete your online profile and you'll then be able to submit multiple applications to lenders with a deep understanding of the digital landscape. 

what do we offer

  Supported by mainstream and independent lenders, digital agencies can benefit from extra capital in a number of ways.

No matter whether you're experiencing regular dips in cash flow waiting for invoices to be paid or need to upgrade your in-house technology to attract new clients, our specialist lenders can help to provide your business with a bespoke, affordable solution.

  • As digital technology evolves, existing editing equipment and software can quickly become outdated. The costs of company-wide upgrades can be a major stumbling block, however with asset finance you can lease or purchase the equipment you need by spreading the costs over a fixed number of months or years.

  • The gap between project delivery and invoice settlement can be troublesome for digital agencies, particularly if you've had to finance a costly PPC campaign before invoicing your client. Invoice factoring and invoice discounting helps to stabilise your cash flow, advancing you up to 95% of your invoice balances in as little as 24 hours.

  • Working capital finance can be a lifesaver for businesses, particularly those who experience a dip in cash flow whilst working on mid to long term projects. The flexible nature of this solution gives you the freedom to pay staff, utility bills, software subscriptions and other daily expenses, repaying it over a term that fits in with your cash flow.

how it works
Take a look at the explainer video below to learn more about our state of the art funding platform: