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Construction Equipment Financing & Leasing

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What Is Construction Equipment Finance & Leasing?

Why Use Construction Equipment Finance & Leasing?

Using hire purchase and lease financing to access essential assets and equipment for your construction business can be an invaluable resource when it comes to taking on larger projects. Here are just some of the advantages:

Ease The Pressure On Cash Flow

Avoid the large upfront costs of asset purchases by sourcing the equipment you need with the costs spread out over an affordable period.

Quick And Easy Application

Create your Capitalise profile and submit multiple applications online to finance partners who have a deep understanding of the construction industry.

Competitively Priced Monthly Repayments

Discover some of the most competitive prices available from mainstream and independent lenders who will ensure that your loan agreement is structured to an affordable repayment plan.

Who Is Construction Equipment Finance & Leasing For?

Businesses looking to grow.

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How Does Construction Equipment Finance & Leasing Work?

Capitalise works with a number of providers who can facilitate the affordable purchase of these assets. 

Finance Lease

Ensure that your business will never be left with outdated equipment by taking advantage of a finance lease agreement. Lease the assets your business needs over its economic life without the burden of ownership, whilst retaining full use of the tools from day one.

Hire Purchase

Arrange affordable monthly repayments over a set term that leave you with full ownership of the asset once the agreement has finished. Benefit from a great hire purchase option which will leave you with a tangible, sellable asset at the end of the agreement.

Operating Lease

If your business relies on plant machinery or tools to carry out its daily services, consider an operating lease to reduce the long term impact on your cash flow. Make payments until the formal expiry date and pay the difference between the initial purchase price and its degradation value.


Rather than raising capital through new loan agreements, use your existing assets to source funds by securing borrowing against their operational value.