Exploring the new Recovery Loan Scheme

Off the back of the CBILS and BBLS crisis schemes, the new Recovery Loans Scheme takes over from 6th April. With businesses that have so far borrowed more than £70 billion in Government-backed lending through the pandemic, the new scheme has some key differences.

Two weeks after the scheme has been operating, Capitalise co-founder and CPO, Ollie Maitland and Head of Lender Relations, Kipp Noble, discuss how the scheme is going and share early feedback of the key differences.


The session will cover:

  • Differences from the previous CBILS/BBL scheme
  • What to expect from the application, affordability checks and offers
  • How to segment your client base to see which clients might benefit from the new scheme

As we continue into recovery, we'll look too at how this product is likely to affect the lending landscape and its benefits as a more permanent, underwritten product.

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