Accounting Bitesize insights 

Enhance your client conversations with our comprehensive library of accounting resource videos. Stay up-to-date with the latest information on macro to micro economics, budget announcements, and other updates.  


Autumn Statement 2023 | Accounting bites


We cover: 

  • The OBR’s new forecasts for the UK economy

  • The sectors which will be cheering the most

  • How you can help all your business clients take advantage

20:20 webinar | Help clients manage cash to grow in 2024


We cover: 

  • The why

  • Macro trends

  • Risk mitigation

  • Business cash flow cycle

  • Improving clients access to capital 

  • Risk mitigation

October 2023 | Accounting bites


We cover: 

  • Geopolitical events and the risk to energy and therefore UK inflation

  • UK Growth - trending towards anaemic stagflation given GDP data

  • Mortgage defaults at 14 year highs, yet only 25% of rate rises passed through 

  • Bank of England position on rates 

  • What we are seeing on the ground with your SMEs

Webinar | the Accounting talent war: strategies for retention 


We cover: 

  • Elena Ramkalawon's experience with offshoring at Haysmacintyre LLP 
  • How Nicki Savill adapts roles to fit the individual at Moore Kingston Smith
  • Richard Hallsworth discusses the "How to work with me" guide used at Nicholsons 

Webinar| maximising your firm's revenue with unbeatable client value 


We cover: 

  • How Tom Jamison x10 Abbeygate Accountancy's revenue in 3 years
  • Pricing models
  • How to build client-centric value
  • How to implement this into your own firm to maximise revenue

August 2023 | Accounting bites

We cover: 

  • August's interest rate rise
  • How to differentiate through building strong capital foundations for clients  
  • Where rates are heading & what will move us before the 21st September 

July 2023 | Accounting bites  


We cover: 

  • UK interest rates
  • A macro analyisis of the UK in relation to the global economy 
  • Achieving greater access to 0% working capital 

20:20 | Capitalise webinar: Achieving growth for clients in economic strain

We cover: 

  • Balance sheet discipline tips for your firm and your clients 
  • How to achieve 0% working capital for your clients with a 96% success rate 

June 2023 | Accounting bites


We cover: 

  • US debt ceiling impacts
  • UK inflation rate  
  • Updates to lending products
  • How to ensure businesses have good internal and external working capital 

Webinar | Key onboarding strategies for marketing leaders 

We cover: 

  • What we produce and how to access it
  • How to implement a successful marketing strategy
  • Top tips on how to engage your clients around the importance of knowing and monitoring crdit scores 

April 2023 | Accounting bites


We cover: 

  • Rate and currency expectations
  • SME lending market 
  • Credit review service 

Capitalise | XU webinar 


We cover: 

  • The real implications of avoiding a technical recession
  • How to utilise the shift to local decision making for grants/funds
  • UK's inflation rate expectations aren't matching business costs 

Spring budget 2023  


We cover: 

  • The four E's of the new Industrial Strategy
  • The sectors the government is supporting
  • The UK's inflation rate predicted to fall to 2.9% by the end of this year

February 2023: quarterly credit and funding webinar

We cover: 

  • Macro trends
  • Lending updates
  • The latest products
  • The business cash flow cycle
  • 5 steps to get ahead 
  • Upcoming feature

Capitalise | Fathom Webinar: Help clients manage their cash to grow in 2023 

We cover: 

  • Thy why
  • Macro trends
  • Risk mitigation 
  • The business cash flow cycle
  • 5 steps to get ahead 

February 2023 | Accounting bites


We cover:

  • Energy prices falling
  • Tight labour market 
  • Positive signs for small businesses 
  • Actions accountants can take to support their clients

January 2023 | Accounting bites insights

We cover:

  • New year and the predictions ahead 
  •  Global growth slowing down and GDP patterns 
  • The challenges businesses are facing; employment, inflation, poor credit control
  •  How to prevent your clients “over-trading”
  • SIC energy discounts 
  • How to choose a commercial model

2022 End of year wrap!

As the year is drawing to a close and Christmas around the corner, we wanted to celebrate these ups and downs, and all our partner successes with an end of year wrap video. Enjoy!


Client tools webinar 

We cover:

  • How to engage non-advisory clients without extra hours or resources 
  • How to onboard your clients to our simple add-on
  • How to monitor the health metrics on your clients 
  • How to choose a commercial model

Finding time and capacity in your practice


We cover:

  • How firms can create greater capacity  
  • How to keep your client experience high
  • The types of firms that are insourcing vs those that are outsourcing 
  •  How you can get insights for 10 clients for free, in minutes

Funding update - commercial mortgages 


We cover:

  • What's happening in the commercial mortgages market
  • What products are avaibale for your clients 
  • What to expect in the next few weeks and months

October insights


We cover:

  • How the medium-term fiscal plan moved forward to 31st October 
  • The impact of interest rates increasing
  • How the drop in the currency market affects your clients
  • How you can advise your clients right now

Quarterly webinar

We cover:

  • The current macro climate
  • What these changes mean for your clients
  • The latest funding solutions for small businesses
  • Up to date monitor features to spot risks ahead

The mini budget

We cover:

  • The impact this key fiscal event will have on small businesses
  • New updated rates and latest figures
  • National Insurance relief and the Bank of England changes
  • What these changes mean for your clients

September 2022 | Accounting bites


We cover:

  • Implications of Liz Truss becoming Prime Minister 

  • September 21st: When 10.1% Inflation rate could increase to as high as 18%

  • Minimum lender credit score requirement increasing 5 to 20 points

  • Updates on RLS 3.0

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