Accounting Bitesize insights 


In the all new Accounting Bites, Capitalises own Paul Surtees (CEO & Co-founder), will be breaking down the macro to micro economics, budget announcements and any other relevant updates in under 15 minutes to help you supercharge your client conversations"


The mini budget


We cover:

  • The impact this key fiscal event will have on small businesses
  • New updated rates and latest figures
  • National Insurance relief and the Bank of England changes
  • What these changes mean for your clients

September insights


We cover:

  • What's the economic impact this month?

  • Implications of Liz Truss becoming Prime Minister 

  • September 13th: When the 3.8% unemployment rate will be reviewed

  • September 21st: When 10.1% Inflation rate could increase to as high as 18%

  • Minimum lender credit score requirement increasing 5 to 20 points

  • Updates on RLS 3.0

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