How to recover your client’s capital

A guide for accountants exploring how they can assist clients in recovering bad debts with a no-risk solution.

Before debts are written off, try recovery

A strong balance sheet sits at the heart of a successful business. So, when you’re working with clients to build robust and viable businesses, it’s vital you help them enhance their overall capital position. But if the client’s aged debt and liabilities begin to eat into that trial balance, it’s time to do something about the outstanding invoices, bad debt and missed tax reliefs that are dragging down their capital position.

In this guide, we’ll be talking through the ‘Recover’ pillar – looking at the core ways you can help to escalate outstanding invoices, recover bad debts and reclaim available tax reliefs.

What’s included:

  • Why debts sometimes go bad 
  • Using Capital Advisory to recover client capital
  • Recovering capital via R&D tax reliefs and government-backed initatives 
  • Putting the recovery of capital into action
  • Real-life case study examples 

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