Planning for success

A whitepaper looking into how you can help
your business owners with their Corporate Finance needs.

Enhancing your offering and the importance of Corporate Finance for your firm

Recent stats from Harvard Business reviews show that 70-90% of acquisitions made by businesses fall through due to lack of experience and knowledge. As their trusted advisor, your expertise is essential to supporting your clients through their complex deals. 

In this whitepaper, we’ll be discussing what criteria SME transactions are usually assessed by, and an in-depth understanding of ways a corporate finance adviser can add further value to transactions and what particular things should be considered. We focus on three crucial areas to add value: strategic planning, due diligence planning and integration planning - all required for a successful outcome. 

What’s included:

  • Assesing criteria of successful SME deal completions 
  • The extended role of advisers in smaller deals
  • Ways to aim for success
  • Three value added areas that an adviser can provide to clients in a transaction 

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