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From network management and security to the provision of computer technology and software packages, the IT services industry is an ever growing marketplace with a range of funding needs.

Expanding your customer base is the cornerstone to increasing revenues, but this can only be made possible through investment with additional staff, equipment, training, transport, marketing and stock all necessary to fuel growth.

The importance of cash flow within the IT sector cannot be understated with unexpected shortfalls leaving some businesses unable to take on new projects or purchase stock until previous invoices have been paid.

Finding a finance partner that understands these unique challenges is vital when it comes to accessing the funds you need to drive future success. 


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With more than 200 lenders saturating the business lending market, finding a suitable funding partner can be a minefield for companies in need of capital.

Capitalise works directly with those who specialise within the IT sector, matching your business with a lender who can not only meet your financial needs, but can also offer helpful advice to keep your business on track.

Setting up your Capitalise profile takes less than 3 minutes and you'll then be able to submit applications to multiple lenders with the click of a button.

You can even upload essential documents through our finance matching platform as well as adding accountants and other business partners onto your profile should you not have paperwork immediately to hand. 

what do we offer

At Capitalise, we take great care to ensure that our IT services lending partners meet our own high standards.

There are a range of financial products available to help your IT business navigate periods of limited cash flow as well as helping to drive business growth.

  • Asset finance can help your business to overcome the issue of paying large, upfront fees for new equipment by purchasing it on your behalf and allowing you to repay its value over a fixed number of months or years. You'll have full use of the equipment in the meantime and any money borrowed will be secured against the asset.

  • Just a few late customer payments can leave your business in the midst of an unexpected cash flow shortage which, in turn, can affect your ability to take on additional work. Invoice factoring and invoice discounting can advance your IT business up to 95% of its outstanding invoices, removing the uncertainty around invoice payments and allowing you to focus your attention on the job at hand.

  • Whether you work in computer retail or as an IT support services provider, any business that accepts credit card payments as part of their payment structure is eligible for a merchant cash advance. You'll be able to borrow funds within as little as 24 hours and repay part of the outstanding balance each time a customer pays by card.

  • There's nothing worse than losing out on a new IT contract because you don't have the capital to fund the stock necessary to undertake the project. Trade finance is a great workaround for this scenario, securing capital against existing purchase orders and paying your suppliers directly on your behalf.

  • From staff wages and equipment upgrades to premises expansion and the latest industry accreditations, it's essential that you have enough working capital available to meet these everyday business expenses. Working capital finance is an adaptable lending option which can be used almost anywhere within your organisation, helping you to stay on top of your day to day outgoings.

how it works
Take a look at the explainer video below to understand more about how our service can add value to your business: