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No personal guarantee business loans

Paradox free lending by Spotcap

Oliver Cummings Jun 28, 2017

Why is Spotcap different

It boggles my mind when “unsecured” lenders require a personal guarantee from a director that is a homeowner - could they be more paradoxical? Until now most business loan lenders we work with will push for a personal guarantee as a minimum, not Spotcap. No personal guarantee or any other security required.

Often we find loan enquiries falter because of the security requirement. Spotcap offer a true alternative.

Awesome Features

  • Truly unsecured business lending, not even a personal guarantee.
  • Provision of a no cost, no commitment credit line. 
  • Low arrangement fees (average 2%), only if the line is utilised.
  • Top ups available after just 3 months.
  • No Exit fees.



Spotcap’s truly unsecured business loan, no commitment credit line fits neatly between the “unsecured (with a PG), with commitment” alternative loan lenders and the higher priced short term lenders (with PGs).

Our accountants who have seen the product have immediately latched onto Spotcap. We have had clients who have been offered lower priced products through Capitalise, but have opted for Spotcap's flexibility and lack of required security. It is a unique selling point that addresses many businesses fear of borrowing.


Case study: Capitalising a manufacturing company for a new market opportunity

  • Lender: Spotcap UK
  • Product: Spotcap Unsecured Business Loan
  • Clients it suits:
    • Business that have filed 2yrs of accounts
    • Minimum annual turnover of £250K 
    • Must be based and have a bank account in the UK 
  • Documents required:
    • Accounts and tax returns for the last two years
    • 12 months of bank statements
    • VAT returns for the last 15 months
  • Time to close:
    • 24hrs once the application is finalised
    • Funds available immediately

Spotcap’s unsecured business loan is ideal for businesses looking for competitively priced unsecured funding without a personal or director’s guarantee.

A recent case involved setting up a loan facility of £100K for a mid-sized manufacturer in the automotive industry.

The company approached Spotcap with a financing request for a new production line that would position them for growth by tapping into the electrical vehicle market. Their core business is geared towards selling products to some of the world’s most well-known high-end car manufacturers, but the government’s recent strong push towards environmentally friendly transportation opens up a door to diversify. The challenge was finding the capital required. Due to the nature of the business (large payable but outstanding invoices) cash flow is often under pressure.

Spotcap assessed and granted access to the requested funds within 24 hours prompting feedback including it being “slick”, “quick” and “easy to use”.


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