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Case study: Using funding to create deeper accountant-client relationships

How PKF got to provide additional advisory services by using Capitalise.com.

Paul Surtees May 04, 2017
Loan type: Working Capital & Invoice Finance
Amount:  £115,0000 & £1,000,000
Lender: Close Brothers & Boost Capital 
Approval time: 1 week



What was the challenge?

A Partner of a high-growth recruitment company wanted to buy out the other and needed additional capital to finance the share purchase and the paying off of a £60,000 director’s loan. PKF was introduced to this prospective client to advise on how to best proceed with the MBO, restructure the business and improve its processes. In addition to the MBO, the company was looking to expand into the contracting business and needed additional capital to fund this new opportunity. It needed to close the funding quickly.

How did Capitalise help PKF and their client?

PKF introduced Capitalise.com to connect the client to the right lenders on their funding platform. With the prospect of new financing being arranged, PKF was then engaged to provide interim FD support and other advisory and statutory services.

The Capitalise.com funding platform identified that the large debtor book of the business was financeable, and introduced the client to a £1m invoice finance facility with 100% prepayment and a 24 month term. To finance working capital and the new contractor venture, Capitalise.com’s access to over 80 lenders enabled the client to quickly open a £115,000 working capital facility. The business has since hired a new team to start their contractor venture.


"The client got an excellent result from a complex situation.
Capitalise.com are a key part of our offering - with them as our partner,
we're able to offer our fast-growing clients a comprehensive advisory service."

- Dom, PKF


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