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Whether you're looking to take on more staff, ease the burden of day to day running costs on your cash flow, or even purchase your premises outright, there's a lending solution to suit everyone:

  • Asset finance is a fantastic solution when it comes to keeping your kitchen and bar equipment up to date without detrimentally affecting your short term cash flow. Many businesses struggle to meet the upfront costs of asset purchases, yet with hire purchase and leasing options available, you'll have unrestricted access to the things you need with the costs spread over an affordable number of months or years.

  • If like most businesses with the leisure, hospitality and catering sector you take card payments from your customers, then you may well be eligible for a merchant cash advance. Receive a lump sum at the start of your agreement and pay it back in part each time you take a payment through your EPOS card reader.

  • From utility bills and premises rental to staff wages and stock purchases, the day to day running costs of pubs and bars can quickly mount up. Ease the burden on your cash flow by taking out a flexible working capital loan to cover these essential costs.

  • If you're ready to take the bold step of purchasing a new or existing premises outright, or simply wish to refurbish your current building, then take a look at commercial property finance. There are many different loan types under this umbrella which can provide both long and short term solutions to any development projects you may have planned.

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