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Our specialist lenders can help you to access a huge range of borrowing options designed with the import and export of goods in mind.

Whether you need to increase goods production to satisfy a bigger order or need to limit the impact of reduced cash flow until invoices are paid, Capitalise can match your application with lenders who are most likely to offer favourable terms.  

  • Your essential business infrastructure, including production machinery and transport, will eventually need to be scaled upwards as your customer base grows, but sometimes finance isn't immediately available. Asset finance secures funding against assets purchased and is usually taken out over the economic life of the equipment.

  • Waiting for invoices to be paid, particularly from international clients, can put a strain on both your cash flow and resources as you try to chase late payments. Invoice finance aims to remove this stress by advancing you a percentage of these outstanding invoices whilst offering a credit control facility as part of the package.

  • Wholesale distributors often need upfront capital to make bulk purchases from suppliers before being able to sell these units on to their own customers. Trade finance is a great way to to pay your suppliers with the money lent based on finished goods and existing purchase orders.

  • Working capital finance can help you to cover the day to day running costs of your business. From the shipment of freight on existing orders to staff wages and premises rental, this finance option is flexible and will help you to successfully fill any cash flow gaps.

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Whether you import materials from our European neighbours or export goods to the other side of the globe, Capitalise makes funding your business easier than ever before. 

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