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Adriana Amato Apr 12, 2020

This year has not been what we expected. Whilst we can't control what has happened, we do have the power to help businesses look forward and plan for how to move on, survive, to thrive.

#LeaveNoBusinessBehind is a collaboration across the accounting industry, calling on accountants to help business owners with their immediate survival and then their future business health. Accountants have a huge role to play to save the SME economy and we want to support you to do that. So we have created this free skills hub with both training and practical resources for you to use as you need.

Taking action

Businesses need to plan for survival, to prepare a cashflow forecast and ensure they know how they will survive this period to thrive again. It is too risky a strategy for them to just hope for the best without a written plan. We are asking accountancy firms to join our campaign and commit to have a dialogue with every single client to:

  • Check in. Are they coping okay? What are their main worries?
  • Prompt a forecast. Encourage them to prepare a detailed cashflow forecast for the next 12 months & assist with that, if necessary
  • Assess further support & funding needs. Do they need further support to raise finance, manage working capital or consider another strategic direction for their business?


Resources at your disposal

All of our collaborators have pulled together to create a free training programme to help you with any knowledge gaps and to give you the confidence to have these conversations with every single client.

This Skills Hub will remain live for several weeks but as we expect the CBILS deadline to be 30th September, and many clients may need to use that scheme, (although perhaps they don’t even know that yet) we don’t have the luxury of time. Feel free to choose how you use this content - pick and choose which resources you need, dip in and out or absorb it quickly. 

There are 9 short videos covering a multitude of topics, plus several supporting resources. Check out the Tips for Success before you start – you can find it with Episode 1.

TOPIC Content author/s
Introduction 1. How to avoid insolvency Kirsty McGregor, CFN & Dave Fleming, Duff & Phelps  Watch video
  Glossary  Familiarise yourself with any terminology or acronyms we may use  View PDF
  Useful tips How to agree a “Time to Pay” arrangement with HMRC  View PDF
  Tips for Success To help you really make a difference to your clients during this campaign  View PDF
  Outgoings timeline A ready reference to show clients when significant outgoings are due to be paid View PDF
  Recording  First Community Catch-up, here are the slides  Watch video
  2. What are the best accountants doing? Kirsty McGregor, CFN & Shane Lukas, AVN Watch video

The Finance

3. Few understand funding now - do you? Kirsty McGregor, CFN & Paul Surtees, Capitalise Watch video
  A note from Paul
Short article useful background reading on COVID-19  Read more
  4. What if your client isn't AAA rated? Kipp Noble, Capitalise & Phil Hobden, Capitalise  Watch Video
  Slidedeck Slides to accompany Kipp's presenation in episode 4.  View PDF
  Funding cheat sheets To simplify the process  View PDF

5. Don't write off
debts, recover them

Olly Cummings, Capitalise Watch video

1 pager

Learn more about Capitalise Recovery  View PDF
  6. Kirsty vs Paul on Invoice Finance Kirsty McGregor, CFN & Paul Barnes, MAP Watch video
  Cheat sheets To make invoice finance simpler View PDF
  Case studies Successful invoice finance deals View PDF

7. Cashflows in
10 minutes

Phil Hobden, Capitalise & Kirsty McGregor, CFN Watch video

Useful list

Suggested software and
View PDF


Information needed from the client View PDF

Comfort letter 

For when preparing
View PDF

Useful tips

For when preparing
View PDF
Communicating with clients 8. The one
conversation that matters
Kirsty McGregor, CFN Watch video
  Webinar recording Kirsty and Paul's conversation with psychologist Emma Kenny Watch video
  Critical Assessment
for Clients
Structure your conversations with clients and prioritise work View PDF
  List of helplines Available for somebody who is struggling View PDF
  9. But my client won’t pay for cashflows Aynsley Damery and Steven Briginshaw, Clarity & Kirsty McGregor, CFN Watch video
  Telephone script For speaking to clients about cashflows View PDF


For any questions or suggestions, just send us a message and we'll be happy to help. 

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