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The future positive podcast playlist for summer 2023

Capitalise Jun 22, 2023

For July and August 2023 The Future Positive Podcast is taking a brief hiatus. But don’t worry - we wouldn’t leave you high and dry! 

We’ve curated a fantastic playlist of our best episodes. 
In case you missed them last time, or you just want a reminder, there’s plenty you can listen to over the summer months. 

So grab your shades, sip on a cold drink, and let these episodes be your soundtrack as you conquer the summer season with a splash of financial fun! 

1. Paul Surtees, an interest rate special 

2. Marco Forgione, helping clients trade internationally 

3. Alexis Kingsbury, the rise of AI in business 

4. Economics professor, David Bailey, discusses the UK's Industrial Strategy

5. Alex Till, acting for micro businesses 

6. Simon Williams, latest findings from RAC Fuelwatch

7. Alan Dilworth and Brian Holliday, how Made Smarter improves productivity of manufacturing clients

8. James Moore, Implementing effective marketing and business development strategies 

9. Simon Senior, running a global business



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