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What Is IT Leasing?

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IT leasing / Computer leasing

Why Use IT Leasing?

Access the computer systems you need without draining your financial resources.

Protect Your Cash Flow 

For small and medium sized businesses alike, IT systems represent an essential but costly outlay. By leasing your IT equipment rather than paying for outright ownership, you'll have full, unrestricted use of these assets whilst retaining capital to invest elsewhere in your growing organisation.


Upgrade Existing Equipment 

With technology evolving at such a rapid rate, many businesses often find themselves constantly needing to upgrade these assets which can come at a significant cost.

With computer leasing, you'll only pay for equipment for as long as you need it giving you the freedom to switch to the latest systems as your requirements change over time.

Industry Specialists 

It's always important to deal with specialist IT leasing companies who can help your business to source the technologies which are likely to have the most positive impact on your organisation.

At Capitalise, we work with lenders who have a proven track record working in very specific sectors, ensuring that you'll always deal with professionals who have a thorough understanding of your industry.

Who Is IT Leasing For?

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How Does IT Leasing Work?

Almost any element of your IT infrastructure can be leased from specialist lenders.

Simply complete your Capitalise profile and we'll help you to find IT partners who will tailor solutions to the needs of your business, creating affordable, accessible leasing agreements that can help your company to grow.

With a wide range of assets available, you'll have the freedom to choose from a huge selection of systems with the lease structured over a term that fits in with your business goals. You'll also be able to upgrade this equipment over time, ensuring that your technology remains at the forefront of your industry.

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