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Get your business moving.
With a steady stream of working capital.

Our lenders understand the challenges present in the haulage industry.  From fluctuating costs, to financing and maintaining the latest haulage equipment, to the problems that can be associated with trans-continental logistics - it can be extremely tough for hauliers to maintain an operation that is successful and profitable.

That's where Capitalise can help.  We know that keeping a close eye on cash flow can make or break many haulage businesses.

But, business finance options could be available to your business which could help increase your cash flow and allow you to keep on top of vital expenses including fuel and operating costs.  

find the right match

Need a lender who understands haulage?
We can find you the right one.

There are a number of lenders who provide finance for haulage businesses and we make it easy for you to access those lenders.

We can match you with lenders who understand exactly how your business works, to ensure you have the funding required to release equity tied up in your invoices.  

Capitalise works closely with lenders specialised in the haulage industry, with a proven track record of sourcing small business finance options suited to this niche.

With Capitalise, you can find, compare and select lenders most suitable for your business and most likely to make you an offer.

Capitalise lets you explore the market and choose which lender to use. 

what do we offer

We are specialists in haulage finance, offering a full range of lending options.

Supported by institutional lenders, we can offer lending plans to suit any situation or funding requirement, including:

  • Asset finance could allow your business to spread the cost of expensive equipment including pallets and containers.

  • Invoice finance means you get paid up to 95% of the value of outstanding invoices.

  • Use customer credit card transactions to release capital quickly with a merchant cash advance.

  • If you source goods or equipment from the UK or overseas, you could use your purchase orders to secure capital funding with trade finance.

  • Fund short term costs quickly and witl little fuss using working capital financing.

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