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What happened at Accountex 2022?

If you weren’t there or didn’t have time to listen in to our Capitalise sessions - here’s some of our stand-out takeaways.

Capitalise May 13, 2022


Two days of great speaker sessions, one-to-one demonstrations and insightful Q&As. Not to mention the endless opportunities to make new connections and our legendary exclusive Capitalise super-yacht after-party.  


With over 6,500 accountancy professionals and more than 200 suppliers showing off their latest innovations, there definitely was plenty to see. But with more-than-you-can-count talking sessions, you may have missed our Capitalise talks. 


If you weren’t there or didn’t have time to listen in - here’s some of our stand-out takeaways.


1. Financing the economic recovery 


Speaker panel: Paul Surtees, CEO of Capitalise and Glenn Collins, Head of Policy, Technical and Strategic Engagement at ACCA


Paul and Glenn kicked off our first speech of Accountex this year with a great session on how to finance the economic recovery. Discussing how you can best prepare your clients for changes in the macro-market. 

They explained that the business landscape is constantly changing. Yet, businesses often wait around, feeling confused and overwhelmed. As their go-to adviser, Paul and Glenn suggest looking at the market from a small business perspective. Helping your clients to think ahead and work with them to navigate their options, early. 


"We need to act now” - Paul Surtees, CEO.


Paul mentioned that businesses are worried about supply chain issues, rising fuel prices, staff shortages, currency impacts and energy prices. Yet, although they have these concerns they are slow to move - often sitting on cash and not planning finance or borrowing ahead. Paul states it’s “always wait and see”. 

"We need to get small businesses into the space of ‘what’s coming next?” Although, these can be difficult conversations, you as their accountant, can have huge impacts on people's lives. By helping them wake up to issues and act accordingly, you’ll see the difference you can make. 

A major area Paul and Glenn explored was credit scores and the importance of helping businesses focus and improve their ratings for healthy business growth. “Very few businesses know their own credit rating” says Glenn Collins, ACCA. 

Good credit control and good internal working capital is key. As your clients trusted adviser, you can dive into their credit profiles, explore risk factors and help them through the process of credit improvement.

Using Capitalise, we give you the tools to do this. With Capital Reports at your fingertips, powered by Experian data, you get easy access to your client credit profile, payment performance and credit risks. As well as notifications and alerts of CCJs, credit increases and decreases. 

The aim is to help you humanise the numbers for your clients, to help them better prepare for the future. 

Paul states “it’s a record year for new SMEs.” We want to help you get the tools you need to best support your clients, and build out your firm this year.


2. Why Accountants are key to building healthier businesses 


Speaker panel: Paul Surtees, Glenn Collins, Emma Jones and Charlie Hampson 


A brilliant panel session covering such insightful topics from leaders in different areas of the industry. 

  • Paul, Co-Founder and CEO of Capitalise

  • Glen Collins, Head of Policy, Technical and Strategic Engagement ACCA

  • Emma Jones, Founder of Enterprise Nation 

  • Charlie Hampson, Corporate Partnerships Director at Experian 


The panel kicked off discussions by discussing the “macro-headwinds” small businesses have been facing over the challenging few years. 

Celebrating the work of passionate and committed accountants and how they have been irreplaceable to small businesses around the country. 

Glen Collins stated that “purpose was one of the main drivers for accountants” with a focus of “doing the right thing for their clients”. 

Emma Jones stated that thousands of businesses came onto the Enterprise Nation platform looking for support. Needing advice on how to retain employees, how to pay staff and to find out what they're eligible for. She stated that there was definitely a sense of a “dash for cash” and a need to be guided through options by a trusted adviser. 

Charlie Hampson supported this by suggesting that “the demand for funding has remained strong”. He stated that although businesses had been focusing on recovery in the past, recently there has been a shift and focus on growth. He explains, “find out how your clients want to manage costs etc. but also find out what they want to do from a growth perspective.” 

"Growth has become more important, now a days” - Charlie Hampson 

The overall theme was how can you, as accountants, support this new focus. With business often feeling overwhelmed by options and what path to take, you can help them navigate the next business step. By getting data on their performance, and business position - you’ll be best placed to find and advise them on what best suits their needs. 

"The devils in the data” - Charlie Hampson

At Capitalise, we help you access this data. Giving you the insights and intelligence to offer tailored support and solutions to your clients. Without the strain on your own resources and time - something that accountants find as one of their biggest pain points.  

Read here to find out more about our Capital Reports feature. A tool on our Capitalise Monitor platform, designed to bring together financial performance data, credit profiles and accounting data into a single point of view of the financial health of your clients. All in one place. 

The session concluded with Paul’s thoughts on how accountants can be monetizing these conversations. When you get access to these insightful tools and open up conversations which help your clients look ahead, you can better grow your own firm too. 

"Use the data to find out what will make a difference to your small business clients. Whilst, also respecting your own time-deficiencies and ability to provide that support.”

That’s a wrap for Accountex 2022!


With some amazing speeches and insightful pieces of advice, here’s our top three themes we heard around the event and in many of the talks. 


  1. Help your clients look ahead and prepare in advance, so that they have the insight, tools and knowledge to best adapt and continue healthy growth 

  2. Focus on helping your clients improve or keep their credit scores healthy so their growth is always sustainable. And best prepared for what the market throws at them!

  3. Use tools to help you build out your own accountancy firm. Helping you offer new services, create new revenue streams and win new clients. All without the time-strain or risk of growing pains. 

If you’d like to learn more about what we do at Capitalise, and how we can help you get  a complete 360 view of your clients cashflow, credit profile and much more - book in a chat with us. 


The countdown is now on till our next events. Come see us at The Digital Accountancy Show on the 8 June and Xerocon London on 20-21 July. Will you be there?


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