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New feature! Insights for your non-cloud clients now available

Capitalise May 03, 2022

We’ve released two new features to our Capitalise tools and Monitor platform. To better help you, our partnered accountants offer easy and accurate insights to their clients. Helping you deepen your relationships and grow out your firm. 

Check out the new tools and insights you can get your hands on.


1. New insights on Capital Reports for non-cloud clients


Our exclusive partnership with Experian has brought a huge amount of additional intelligence to your client portfolio with just a company number. 

We’ve now given our Capital Reports a new look - giving you the ability to hide some data. Meaning you can now share just the Experian-only Capital Report with your client.

You’ll have more control over your meetings and be able to steer conversations to better advise your clients. 

To view this feature, simply go to the Capital Report for any of your clients.









2. Ensure your advice is accurate with new data quality checks 


We’ve added new data quality checks to Monitor to ensure you and your team know when the data you’re reviewing is up-to-date and accurate. 

This data is also available on our Capital Report feature. You’ll be able to view when the last transaction data was collected. For example “Last transaction date detected older than 90 days ago”. Meaning you’ll know when financial data and insights may be out of date. 



We’ve also added a new company status chip so if your client is “dissolved” or “in liquidation” you’ll also be warned.


What’s coming next?


At Capitalise, we’re always listening to what you need and what would make your work that much more seamless. 

We have some exciting new updates arriving shortly. We’ll be adding features that let you bulk assign, tag and re-sync clients from your Monitor data list. 

Whilst giving the Monitor platform a makeover - with a new look and feel. We hope you can better see what’s changed in your portfolio and spark new conversations with your clients.


Log in to your Monitor platform now to see the new updates you can access today. 


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