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CABA - the resource we didn’t know we needed

We chat to Gareth Winters and Tom O’Neill from CABA.

Capitalise May 13, 2022

In our series of interviews for the Future Positive Podcast, we recently featured Gareth Winters and Tom O’Neill of The Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association (CABA).


In our 30 minute chat, we discussed the resources, advice and support that CABA offers all accountants and their families to help them manage whatever they’re facing. Including stress management, confidence building, debt management and legal advice. 


Keep reading to find out more about what they do. 


About CABA


CABA have recently rebranded and are keen to spread the word about what they do. Completely confidential and totally independent of ICAEW, the CABA charity are most likely far-wider ranging than most in the industry probably realise.  

Starting in 1886 by one Chartered Accountant with a £50 injection, the charity is now one of the oldest in the world. They’re completely self-financing - focusing on shrewd investment management and bequests from chartered accountants. Something which surprised and impressed our Accountant-in-Residence, Kirsty McGregor. 

"It is almost thirty years since I began my training as a student of ICAEW and I remember hearing about CABA from those very early days of my career.  However, I have been amazed at how much they can actually offer, and that it isn’t funded by ICAEW at all”


"I have to confess that I had assumed CABA was there for the older accountant who had found themselves struggling financially, maybe due to ill health or redundancy, but I was really impressed and more than happy to accept that my understanding was quite out of date.  They also support all members from ACA students onwards, with stress management, confidence building, webinars, e-learning courses as well as hands-on debt management, legal advice and resources to span the full range of health and wellbeing topics.”

- Kirsty McGregor, Founder of The Corporate Finance Network. 



It’s a great resource to share with all members of your team, just in case there is anything which they can benefit from.  It’s all free of charge and the direct support is available to all present and past ICAEW members and their families directly, but also available online to anyone. 


Listen to our podcast and have a browse of the CABA website to see if this is something that could benefit you and your firm today. 


Listen to the full podcast here. 


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