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  • The restaurant and catering industry can often be subjected to seasonal fluctuations in revenue which can pose a problem when it comes to staying on top of your fixed monthly loan repayments. If you accept card payments from your customers, then it may well be worth considering a merchant cash advance. A lump sum is lent to you upfront which can be used throughout your business and a small percentage of this loan is repaid each time you take a credit or debit card payment.

  • Do you need a helping hand with the day to day running costs of your business? Perhaps you're looking to grow your workforce without putting pressure on cash flow? Working capital finance can be used in almost any area of your business to help bridge the cash flow gap during periods of growth whilst keeping monthly repayments affordable.

  • Maintaining an efficient and functioning kitchen is paramount to the success of any restaurant but the costs of upgrading key pieces of equipment can often be a major stumbling block for business owners. Asset finance can help to remove this common hurdle through hire purchase and leasing agreements, spreading the cost of assets over a convenient number of months or years whilst still giving you full access to the equipment you need.

  • Whether you're renting your existing restaurant space and wish to purchase it outright or have an existing premises in need of redevelopment or refurbishment, investing in your building can be a highly rewarding project over the mid to long term. Property finance can help you to achieve these ambitions in a cost effective manner, financing each stage of the project along the way.

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