Unstable connection, tap to reconnect

Healthy relationships

Although lockdowns made it more difficult to build relationships, they also forced business leaders to strengthen existing ones. They’re leaning on their accountants and professional networks for support more than ever before.


"65% want to talk to other business leaders about their shared experiences and challenges"

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Some of our key findings

Relationships are essential for success as a business leader. So we tracked just how well their relationships are holding up, from accountants and bank managers, to clients and suppliers as well as family and friends.

Of the leaders surveyed, 71% said that having personal relationships with their suppliers helps them do better business. And yet 64% said that the pandemic made it difficult to build those bonds. As we head into 2022, 59% of business leaders plan to partner as a way to grow.

"60% of business leaders said their accountant was their most trusted sources of advice"

“Make time for making connections in 2022 – with peers and of course with potential customers. Fellow founders you meet are probably at networking sessions for the same reasons as you, so come ready to listen. Offering advice can be just as rewarding as receiving it and a key part of building a strong network of peers that you can trust and rely on.”


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