A yoga session a day keeps the doctor away

Healthy people

People are the driving force behind any successful business. And while the pandemic saw leaders grappling to put on a brave face for their teams, they also ramped up investment in staff health and wellbeing.


"83% of business leaders do their best work when they take time to care for themselves"

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Some of our key findings

In the last two years, mental and physical wellness has been tied to the pandemic. So we asked just how fit leaders are feeling after balancing work, life and lockdown.

Despite the obvious challenges leaders have faced, 75% say that the way their business was able to adapt has boosted their confidence. When asked more generally how the last two years had made them feel, the same number (21%) said they felt burnt out as those that felt stronger. Looking ahead, 76% of business leaders are feeling optimistic about 2022.

"78% of business leaders increased investment in the health and wellbeing of their team"

“Business leaders lead busy lives and often personal time management is a major obstacle. But allocating just 10% of each hour to yourself can improve your overall fitness level, making you mentally stronger. 

And if you are feeling stressed in any way, just doing some deep breathing exercise in between meetings can give you some much needed me-time. We all need that, don't we?”


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