Getting from couch to £500k

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As we head into 2022, leaders have been considering the skills they’d most like to develop to support their business through the next phase. For many that will mean learning how to manage cashflow more effectively and getting better at tracking the financial health of their business.


"58% of business leaders say they need help understanding business finance"

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Some of our key findings

Just like keeping in shape physically and mentally, regularly tracking the financial health of a business is essential for continued success. So we asked business leaders about their understanding of business finance, credit scores and funding. 

Of those surveyed, 61% say they need funding to achieve their goals in 2022. When asked about the factors stopping them from applying, a combined 48% were confused about the application process, their options or where to go for advice.  

"31% of business leaders would like to improve their credit score in 2022"

“Imagine how much easier it would be to negotiate with your suppliers if you already know how strong your credit score is. Think how much simpler it would be to apply for funding when you already know how much you can borrow. 

If you’re not already checking your score regularly and looking to improve it when needed, then make 2022 your year to start.”  


CEO and Co-founder of Capitalise

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