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Trade finance is a popular and proven method of allowing SMEs to increase their business and trade confidently.  Capitalise partners with selected and experienced trade finance lenders to help you maximise your trading abilities.  Advantage of working with Capitalise include:


Receive funding in just a few business days after providing the required information - allowing you to take on more business.



Just show a confirmed purchase order from a well-rated retailer or a history of sales, and we'll find a lender for you.



Benefit from the expertise of our trade finance specialist partners.  We've partnered with over 80 institutional lenders, many of whom specialise in trade finance.



There is no obligation to proceed with a selected lender.  We'll show you those lenders most likely to make an offer and you choose whether or not to proceed.

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Frequently asked questions about Trade Finance

The primary benefit is that it allows you to deliver on orders that are outside your normal capacity to fund. Payment is fast, just a few business days after providing the required information, which can allow you to take on more business. And since the deal is transactional, you'll just need to show a confirmed purchase order from a well-rated retailer or a history of sales instead of extensive financial information about your company.

Trade finance can cost 5-10% of your margin, so you'll need a gross margin of at least 20% for it to make sense to use. However, there are several lenders who specialise in this form of funding and offer competitive rates, which can make it surprisingly cost effective.

Be sure to get the right lender. Going to your local bank or some random lending institution can result in significant delays, unfavourable terms and, ultimately, rejection. Using a lender who specialises in trade finance can make the process incredibly fast, simple and rewarding. You'll also need to demonstrate that you're an established business by showing current orders or historical web-based sales of the past 12 months or more. And since the lender needs to manage their risk, you'll need to sign a personal guarantee.