Embedded business finance for your platform

The quick and easy way to embed business finance into your platform. Our industry-leading APIs provide all the tools, expertise and knowledge that you will need to create a seamless and secure embedded lending journey for your customers.

Instant access to 100+ banks, alternative lenders

Major cloud accountancy platforms supported

Industry standard security

Connects in seconds

Giving your customers an equal chance of success

We connect the dots between lending platforms, credit agencies and accounting platforms so you can connect your customers to the capital they need to grow, in one place.

Our APIs clear up the confusion around business finance, giving businesses a clear view of their credit score, potential risks and funding choices so they can get ahead with confidence.

Keep it simple

Giving you the tools to make implementation easy

Our open API enables you to quickly and easily build components directly into your UI/UX helping you get to market faster. 

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Partnering for success

Working together to give you the flexibility you need

We have a single API. But we don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, our API lets you create the business finance journey your customers need. 

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Build for the future

Continuously developing our platform 

We are always improving our tech stack, adding new integration functionality, building custom use cases, and grow our list of APIs to leverage

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Industry-leading technology backed by experts

Technology enables us to move faster, people enable us to do the right thing for our customers. We’ve built a team of funding experts who work with small businesses to understand their challenges and opportunities. Helping them pick the right time of business finance, for them.

Get Embedded business finance into your platform today.

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