Insights from Capitalise

Adriana Amato in fintech, accounting
Sep 12

Is working remotely now a reality in the world of accounting?

 Can you have your tapas and eat it too?
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Ollie Maitland in product, accountants, accounting, accountant
Oct 25

Forecasting and Funding with Capitalise

A future of more sustainable businesses, supported by experts, built on strong balance sheets
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Adriana Amato in accountant, accounting
Nov 19

SME Funding: Pros and (Xero)cons - 2018

 Accountants and the question of funding. 
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Adriana Amato in finance, accounting, fintech
Apr 16

Let's talk about the B-Word

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Adriana Amato in accountex, accounting
May 29

Accountex London 2019

A recap of Accountex 2019 - and what the Capitalisers got up to 
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