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Kirsty McGregor

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  • Event Ongoing

    Live Briefings through times of uncertainty

    Stay up-to-date with live sessions for accountants and businesses on the changing lending market impacted by COVID-19

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    Will more debt help our clients?

    With years of experience in the industry, Kirsty McGregor sparks the debate of whether debt is necessary for SMEs moving forward. 

    Kirsty McGregor
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    The Tracks of my Tiers

    Supporting clients as lockdowns change is a challenge. Accountant-In-Resident Kirsty McGregor sheds some light. 

    Kirsty McGregor
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How will the government further assist businesses to trade out of the crisis in 2021?

EFG+, but plus what? Kirsty McGregor explains what we believe could replace CBILS next year.

Kirsty McGregor

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