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Product Roadmap

New dashboard and upcoming due tasks feature

Ollie Maitland Jul 09, 2018

product roadmap

Scale Capitalise with tasks and new dashboards

When you next login to Capitalise you'll see new dashboards which are the first of a number of platform enhancements coming to you. The dashboards have changed to create space for the new upcoming features to help scale funding in your firm.

Where we’re going with new dashboards...

A new card layout on the Dashboard shows Capitalise at a glance, with all active funding searches and, in the future, clients who you’ve funded through us:

New funding screens to show all your active funding searches, as they are today, with new filters coming to your way soon:


product roadmap

Scaling access to finance in your firm with document and lender updates

We’ve been looking at how we can make the process of obtaining finance for clients less work, email back-and-forth and how to scale the service line in your firm at scale without headaches of adding new processes.

Capitalise is a ready to roll service line for your practice and as part of this we’ve developed a new task system which shows a timeline of a client’s progress and also makes clear what documents are needed to complete a funding search.

The new task system consists of an audit trail of events, providing a clear overview of a funding search. This makes informing clients on the progress of a funding search and knowing what action is required next completely effortless.

To reduce the amount of emails we are introducing the beginning of communicating directly to lenders through Capitalise. Provide simple feedback to lenders on offers with ease with our new one-click feedback. Easily update lenders if you are ‘awaiting a decision’ from your client or if you would like to ‘continue with an offer’ made.

This is in development and will be released in the coming month.

Jump in a see everything you need to do...

With a number of different processes and platforms going on we want Capitalise to be easy to dip into without having to spend time figuring out what to do. Our task system has a view to see all the tasks in a single, holistic view to support you with the scale of tasks to action for multiple funding searches.

This allows you to upload required documents and provide one-click feedback to lenders for multiple active funding searches with ease.


In April this year our product team went from 1 (our co-founder, Ollie Maitland) to 3 with two new Product Managers coming from the accountant and advisory world. Many of you might already have spoken to them, Jack and Rob, and if not then I’m sure they would love you to.


Ollie Maitland

Ollie Maitland
Co-Founder and Product Director at Capitalise.com

Started and exited a product consultancy previous to Capitalise. 

Rob Guard

Rob Guard
Senior Product Manager at Capitalise.com

Previously at FUTRLI - so clearly loves working with accountants.

Jack Johnson

Jack Johnson
Product Manager at Capitalise.com

Previously at Grant Thornton and practised as an accountant. Loves accountants

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