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Business Finance Guides have arrived

Designed to support our "Pro" Capitalisers. Written for SMEs.

Ollie Maitland Oct 28, 2019

Your feedback is our command. To all our “Pro” Capitalisers, here it is: content for your clients. Business Finance Guides. BFG. 

We’ll be rolling out guides over the coming months and they’ll all be available on the platform. It’s been a while coming so thanks to everyone who have taken the time to respond to our surveys. Your feedback is gold.


What you need to know

The Business Finance Guides have been written by those with years of experience at the top of their industry, Finance Directors, business owners and their advisers. They’ve had input from accountants and have been tested on businesses. We’ve done the grunt work for you. 

These guides may have been written for SMEs but they’ve been designed to support your firm to generate requests around funding and accounting services. We’ve made it easy for your clients to request a follow up - the button in the top banner opens up an email with your email address pre-populated.


Let’s get started

Jump on to the Playbook section on the platform, you’ll see a blue box under the Learn section. 

As part of your Playbook Growth Series, we will be rolling out Business Finance Guides to explore different types of businesses over the coming months.

Use a direct, personalised link to share the guides with your clients - send it in an email to one of your clients or work with your marketing team to include it in your firm’s newsletter. 


We're even testing all guides with businesses so that you have some frame of reference and stats to go by, AND we've included an email template and suggested social media posts. All to support your firm in getting enquiries about accounting services and funding.


It pays being a Capitaliser - literally. 

Now, go to the platform and have a look at the first guide - and start sharing with clients.

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