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What Is A Commercial Mortgage?

Why Use A Commercial Mortgage?

Take advantage of a property purchase opportunity without tying up working capital.

Reduce Your Monthly Bills

For many businesses currently renting their premises, the spiralling costs of property rental is now becoming a key driver behind making a full purchase.

With Capitalise, you can access a range of competitive commercial mortgage rates which can help to drive down the amount your business spends each month on its premises, whilst gradually working towards full ownership.

Raise Capital For Your Business

If you need to inject capital into your business and already own your premises, then you may wish to consider refinancing as a means to release additional cash. This can often work out more cost effective than taking on a new business loan and will save you from having to sell parts of your business to outside investors.

Industry-Specific Lenders

Once you've completed your Capitalise profile, we'll be able to quickly match your business with commercial property mortgage lenders who have a proven track record lending to your sector.

They'll be able to offer insights based on their previous experiences working with companies like yours, helping you to choose an option that best fits your business.

Terms That Suit Your Business

Our lenders understand that the financial and business circumstances surrounding each commercial property purchase is different, which is why our partners tailor their options to fit in with each individual applicant.

With short, mid and long-term lending options available, you'll be able to secure a great deal on your mortgage with affordable repayments structured around your projected cash flow.

Who Is A Commercial Property Mortgage Suitable For?

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How Does A Commercial Mortgage Work?

Commercial mortgages can be used to both purchase a business property or to raise capital by refinancing a premises that you already own.

They are taken out over a pre-determined number of years with any charges, interest rates and fees transparently outlined upfront so you'll be able to budget effectively.

Most come with a variable interest rate, however fixed interest rates are available from certain specialist providers.

Once your Capitalise profile has been created, you'll be able to apply to multiple lenders simultaneously as well as receiving decision letters online, enabling you to compare fully underwritten options before committing to the one which best suits your business.